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Customizing the blank

For an additional fee, any sFoam™ blank style can be customized by giving us the precise dimensions you want. A pre-finished blank can be delivered which will cut your shaping labor by 35% or more.

For pricing on custom changes see Price List.

How to customize your blank

There are two ways to customize an sFoam blank.

# 1 - Select a sFoam™ style that comes close to the length and dimensions you want. Then note what changes you want to make. For example: blank style 66 F, change the length to 6 ' 7 ", add 1/4 " nose rocker, etcetera. The procedure will be the same with rocker or outlines.

# 2 - We measure, design and cut sFoam blanks using Cartesian geometry (using x and y coordinates.) Email or fax us a drawing using this method. Since this is not the traditional method used by most shapers, please view the illustrations below for reference.

Any of following dimensions can be customized:


Tip-to-Tip length
Nose rocker
Tail rocker
Intentional flat "sweet spots" in bottom rocker
Maximum thickness of blank
Location of maximum thickness, measured from center of blank
Thickness at 12" from Nose
Thickness at 12" from Tail


Tip-to-Tip length
Maximum width
Location of maximum width, measured from center of blank
Width at 12" from Nose
Width at 12" from Tail
Type of Nose (round, pin, squared)
Type of Tail (round, pin, square, diamond)

On request, all custom rockers and outlines can be saved and stored at no extra cost for exclusive future use by the customer. Custom rockers and outlines are kept confidential and not shared with anyone other than the customer who designed them.

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