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Super Fused EPS Foam

sFoam™ blanks are made by cutting EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) foam.
This foam is custom blown to a density of 2 # per cubic foot ( 1.9 to 2.4 nominal ) by our vendor from virgin material. It consists of Polystyrene "beads" that have been expanded, compressed and fused to our specifications; and give sFoam™ blanks the right combination of strength and workability. Bead diameters are 2.50 to 3.25 mm nominal.

sFoam™ EPS blanks are as much as 41% lighter than rigid urethane foam blanks of equal strength and dimension.

An sFoam™ blank is as strong or stronger than common surfboard polyurethane blanks of the same dimensions.

Once glassed, an EPS board will retain it's flex memory better than a polyurethane-cored board, given that both have the same dimensions and laminations.

sFoam™ blanks and blank scrap are totally recyclable with negligible environmental impact. Our waste in cutting blanks is returned to our foam billet supplier; who grinds it up to be made into less critical products.

EPS, when used in Waste to Heat projects, produces usable energy with waste products of water vapor and less than 1% ash. There are no toxic byproducts created when using EPS. There are EPS recycling centers in most major population centers.

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