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  • 06.26.09 - We no longer accept credit / debit cards for payment. We accept cash, postal money orders, bank money orders (issued on US banks). Personal checks are accepted, but will delay shipment or pick up until cleared by the banks.
  • 03.12.09 -Officially reopened at our new location in Freeport, Texas. Formula changed on our #2 foam to New Super Fused. New contact phone # 979-633-4324. Three new important longboard blanks added to stock. The 93N is the intermediate between the 90N and 96N. The 90SPI and the 93SPI are the latest in high performance longboards for juicy waves.
  • 02.02.06 - We have gone to a system of Stock Blanks and Special Order Blanks. Stock blanks have had from 0.125 to 0.25 inches added to thickness for extra versatility. No bottom rockers have been changed. There has also been a change in pricing both in blanks and customizing. See - Price List.
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