Why sFoam?

Why should I build EPS/Epoxy boards? - There is a performance revolution going on, and it's not about pop - outs. Your customers are hearing about custom built EPS/Epoxy surfboards. Some of them have already ridden one and they have experienced the exciting difference this technology makes. Lighter, stronger, better flex, better feel and better response. Your customers want custom built EPS/Epoxy boards and will seek out those who make them. Now you can make them.

Why use sFoam blanks? - sFoam surfboard blanks have been thirteen years in development. Our blanks have no problems with out - gassing, unlike extruded foams. When sealed in an approved manner ( see FAQs / Laminating Tips ), sFoam blanks have no problems with laminate adhesion, unlike extruded foams. That means no de - laminations from trapped gas or poor surface adhesion, throughout the life of the board. sFoam blanks are cut with Computer Numerical Control from 2 lb. per cu. ft density Super Fused EPS billets. This gives our customers the ability to create a blank to their specifications, without bending or twisting the blank. sFoam blanks are cut exactly to your pure curves. Using the tools you have now, you can be shaping sFoam blanks with little change in your current technique and work flow. We ship to any destination from our centrally located factory with the best shipping rates to most locations.


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